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Welcome to Foothill and De Anza Colleges! We are all working in an outstanding
community college district, a pioneer and pacesetter in many educational and
services to students. The Foothill-De Anza (FHDA) District employs nearly
2,000 people, among them more than 500 full-time faculty and over 1,000 parttime
faculty. Our superb faculty is one very good reason this district enjoys a
national reputation for academic excellence. Officially, the name of the faculty
bargaining group is the “Foothill-De Anza Faculty Association,” but most people
simply use the initials “FA” when speaking of the organization. FA and the District
Board of Trustees collectively bargain decisions on salary, hours of work,
academic calendar, hiring practices, class size/load, and other terms and
conditions of employment. FA is a locally governed, independent association,
incorporated in 1977 by the non-management professional educators in this
district to represent themselves pursuant to the California Public Employment
Relations Act of 1976. FA has no affiliation with any state or national collective
bargaining agent but contracts with the statewide Faculty Association of the
California Community Colleges (FACCC) for services that support its collective
bargaining effort. We at FA sincerely hope that your work at Foothill-De Anza is
both rewarding and enjoyable.

While nearly all faculty are members of FA, no one is required to be a member.
Those who choose not to join must nevertheless pay the organization a service
fee equal to membership dues; this is a condition of employment in the Foothill-
De Anza Community College District. When District faculty voted to create their
own representation organization, they also voted to share equitably the expense
of operating a bargaining group. Thus the faculty and the trustees of the District
negotiated a provision in their employment contract that requires each faculty
member either to join FA and pay dues or to remain a non-member but pay a
service fee equal to regular membership dues (see Article 4 of the Agreement
between FA and the District for details about membership options). By virtue of
the FA contract with FACCC, all District faculty are eligible for the benefits of
membership in FACCC at no additional cost, which provides faculty with
information throughout the year vital to their understanding of public policy and its
role in their professional lives.

Part-time faculty issues have always been a central concern of FA. The
Agreement provides them with a salary schedule ranked among the highest
statewide and a unique seniority system. In addition, part-time faculty are entitled
to personal necessity, sick leave and, depending on quarterly load, are paid for a
weekly office hour(s) as well as any meetings they are required to attend. Parttime
faculty are eligible to apply for reimbursement for professional conference
expenses and, also depending on annual load, to apply for district-paid medical
benefits. FA routinely appoints at least one part-time faculty member to the FA
negotiating team and has a staff position reserved for a part-time faculty

The terms and conditions of faculty employment are governed by contractual
provisions negotiated by local faculty members and representatives of the Board
of Trustees. The current contract, or Agreement, includes 39 articles with such
titles as Load and Class Size, Personnel File, Part-time Faculty, Leaves, and
Intellectual Property. The entire Agreement is available online within this FA

FA maintains 10 standing committees, largely staffed by faculty volunteers, and
appoints representatives to nearly all of the major college and District
committees, including budget and curriculum committees, college councils, and
Chancellor’s Advisory Council. FA’s conciliation and grievance team performs an
especially valuable service. When, as sometimes happens, faculty have
differences with administrators who represent the Board, they can contact the
campus FA conciliator to assist in helping to resolve matters swiftly and to the
mutual satisfaction of the parties involved. Those few disputes not resolved
through conciliation are eligible for more formal action through the contractual
grievance process (see Article 5 of the Agreement).

The FA Executive Council is the organization's governing board. There are
seventeen seats on the Council. Council members are elected to two-year terms
by their colleagues. Seats are apportioned to each college according to its
number of faculty. Four at-large seats are always reserved for District part-time
faculty. FA's chief executive officer is the president of the Executive Council, who
is elected each year by the Council itself. Other key officers are the Council vicepresident,
the FA chief negotiator, and the group's executive secretary.

The FA office is located in the top story of the building next to ETS offices in
lower Foothill campus; the door to the upstairs FA office is on back side of
building. The office hours are typically 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through
Thursday, and 8:30 a.m. to noon on Friday; summer session hours are reduced.
For general information, interpretation of contract articles, or resolution of
problems, contact the FA office manager Susanne Elwell (650.949.7544); all
calls are confidential.

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