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Kathy Perino (650) 949-7074

Bob Stockwell (408) 864-8382

Mary Ellen Goodwin (650) 949-7746

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Foothill College
Karen Erickson (650) 949-7413
De Anza College
Harman Dhaliwal (408) 864-8222

Steve Howland (408) 864-5669

Executive Council

The FA Executive Council is comprised of seventeen elected members.  Of these, six regular faculty members represent Foothill College and are elected by members at that campus; seven regular faculty members represent De Anza College and are elected by members at that campus; and four part-time faculty members represent the part-time members and are elected by the entire membership without regard to campus. The term of office is two years with no limit to the number of consecutive terms a Council member may serve.

Each year the Council has openings for three full-time faculty at Foothill, three or four at De Anza, and two District part-time faculty. Nominations are sought in May, with elections taking place in June. Candidates are required to fill out a petition and submit a brief campaign statement via email to the FA Office. The statement should be between 150 and 250 words in length.  Statements longer than 250 words are subject to editing.

By law, the Executive Council has the authority to govern all proceedings of the Faculty Association:  it sets policy, directs the executive staff and standing committees, oversees the development of the Agreement (contract), and serves as the voice of the faculty on bargaining and related issues (See Article IV of the FA Constitution, reverse side.)

Members of the Council assume office in the fall and serve a two-year term.  They attend two monthly meetings held on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month from 3-5:30 p.m.  (The Agreement requires divisions to adjust teaching schedules so that members can attend these meetings.)  In addition, Council members serve as division liaisons.

Members of the Council receive a monthly stipend of $200 for attending Executive Council meetings each month, and $25 for submitting reports on liaison or division meetings.

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For more information, call FA x7544  or talk to your Council representative.


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